Friday, 26 June 2009

Niagara Falls


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Early snowfall IN KASHMIR 2009

Early snowfall has taken the people of Kashmir by surprise, throwing life out of gear and putting a lot of pressure on the election machinery, which will have to toil harder to put the logistics required for the assembly polls in place.

The movement of people in the capital city and other towns has also been affected by an undeclared curfew to thwart a separatist rally in Srinagar on Friday.

Shops were closed and both private and public transport remained off the roads. All the state government offices, banks, educational institutions were closed in Srinagar and other towns.

By Friday morning, the white blanket had covered the valley, with heavy snowfall bringing it under its sweep.

The surprise of early snowfall is written on everybody's face as the people were not yet prepared to face the snow and the chill.

The temperature dropped by 10 degrees in a span of 24 hours, cooling the entire valley.

"I never thought we will have this much snow in the middle of November. This is happening after many years. We should never trust the Kashmir weather," said Sakina, a housewife.

The rush for Kangris (fire Pots), warm clothing, kerosene stoves, gas heaters has gone up sharply.

Because of Friday's heavy snowfall, the poll arrangements have come under heavy strain.

The state authorities are busy putting in place extra-ordinary arrangements, so that poll parties manage to reach the most difficult areas of Gurez, the Bandipore belt and the Ladakh region.

The administration will have to press helicopters into service to airlift poll parties and material by Saturday.

The poll parties have to reach the remote, snowed-in areas by Sunday.

Eilat's Desert

Eilat, Israel’s favorite wintertime tourism destination is known primarily for its landscape and hotels. But Eilat has more landscape to offer than simply hotels and attractions. There is rock climbing, skydiving, camelback tours in the footsteps of the Nabateans and tours aboard 4x4 safari vehicles to corners of the desert virtually untouched by man. The desert landscapes are some of Israel’s loveliest, and they are simply spectacular. The region, which has undergone all sorts of cataclysmic geological changes over the centuries, is rich in colors and fascinating in its variety of hues—the pleasing shades of the desert spectrum is comprised of reds, pinks, yellows, browns and off-whites. And thanks to the remains of the vicinity’s ancient copper mines, the rocks and walls are flecked with greens and blues. The desert changes its colors with each passing hour of the day and with the angle at which it is illuminated by the rays of the sun.

Kashmir in different seasons

Kashmir in different seasons