Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dating As - How To Look Like A Prince Or A Princess?

Look at a blue-blooded price or a princess. Apart from looks, you will notice a quality that you may not be able to define, but you can notice. That is the quality of cool confidence. Every royal person need not be a great looker, but the attraction can still be magnetic. If you develop such magnetism, do not you think that you will attract prospective dates in droves? Let us discuss and find out how to do that.

Body - Taking care of face is not enough. Your smallest body part, the toe should be equally clean and well kept. Every body pat should be given equal attention and like a true royal your body should look like great. This need not cost you a lot. We pay more when we visit beauty salons. You can carry out all the treatments except few at your home. The idea is to keep yourself absolutely clean and take great care of everything that nature has given you. You need not be a great looker but every body should notice that you know how to take care of what god has given to you.

Posture - Keep a straight posture. Learn the art of walking, sitting, table manners, hand movements and such from an expert. This investment will fetch you very good returns. Good posture makes a huge difference. Please do it as soon as possible.

Voice and Talking style - Be careful about how you speak, your choice of words and your tone. Do you expect a royal to use dirty words or common slang? Avoid them. Imagine that you area prince/princess and use words and modulate your voice accordingly.

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