Wednesday, 16 November 2011


As Pakistan’s largest oil & gas producer, OGDCL share in Country’s total oil and gas production stands at 43,437 bpd of Crude oil (Net Averaged), 976 mmcfd of Gas (Net Averaged) and 339 M. T/d of LPG (Net Averaged).
Having 40 operated oil & gas fields, geographically distributed all across the country; OGDCL has embarked upon development works on 32 fields, to bring these on production.
OGDCL has 35 oil & gas processing plants. These include Dehydration, LPG, Sulphur Recovery, H2S Removal, Gas Sweetening, Condensate Stabilization, Refining and Compression plants.
Various measures have been taken in order to augment production levels to reach new heights. This includes setting up of aggressive targets, enduring commitment by its professionals, and induction of latest technologies, pursuing industry best practices, strengthening surveillance techniques, enhancing in-house engineering design & simulation capabilities, utilization of state-of-the art automation systems and fostering use of information technology.

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