Saturday, 3 December 2011

Car Hire In Munich

The World Cup in Germany this summer will be the biggest tourist draw in Europe for 2006 as well as being the most popular and watched sporting event in the world. The host cities of Germany are prepared for the influx of tourists and fans, seeking to soak up the atmosphere of the greatest show on Earth.

As one of the main host cities Munich is set for the opening of the tournament with added accommodation and improved transport links added to cope with the additional hoards that will descend on the city this summer. Munich is no stranger to high volumes of tourists as open of the most popular short break destinations on the continent and, of course, the centre of the world famous Oktoberfest.

Last minute travellers to Munich during the World Cup will find it difficult to attain accommodation. Despite the added rooms and camps, most hotels and sites have been sold out for some time. Some of the major hotel booking  resellers might have some availability if not in Munich then perhaps in the surrounding towns of Bavaria. There are alternatives outside of the city of Munich.

Bavaria itself is one of the main tourist hot spots in Germany with a range of attractions that should keep even the most restless of tourist occupied for a week or so. For those hoping to mix some
World Cup action with something more sedate then Bavaria might just be the place to explore. Bavaria is a great region for driving with rolling landscapes and scenery befitting any country, not least the famous Black Forest itself. Car hire is easy to come by in the region and is centred around Munich and in particular the International Airport. Most of the major car rental firms have a presence there to travel around Munich for the World Cup or to the wider Bavaria to get away from the celebrations.

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