Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Shalimar gardens are a masterpiece of the Mughal style gardens in Lahore, Pakistan. Constructed under orders of Emperor Shah Jahan in 1637, the gardens have marble palaces and mosques decorated with mosaics and gilt. The elegance of these splendid structures on three terraces with lodges, waterfalls and large ornamental ponds, is unequalled.  The Gardens were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the UNESCO Convention on protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage sites.
As monuments pass during ages, they are appreciated according to their age value and hence are also referred to as timemarks or as Germans would call them the Denk-Mals. Denk-Mal is generally an expression of a mysterious monument which inspires people to think deep about philosophical questions associated with the beginning of humanity in prehistoric periods.
Perceiving monuments as timemarks with a distinct aura around them; while recognizing that they are older than we can imagine, stimulates us also to philosophize not only about the past and its relationship with the present but also about the eternity, about the age of humanity, the speed of history, the transience of individuals, the achievement of whole cultures and what the monuments may see in future – us for instance

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