Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tips of Dating

Whatsoever our life stage, way of life or conditions, we’re all linked by one ordinary subject - the mission for love – but how does our life phase influence our attitudes towards looking for the one and stepping into the world of online dating. Independent Singles takes a look.
20-some things 
Work, active lifestyles, university, large social groups and a prosperity of opportunities all signify that the twenty some things of our generation are never small of new people to meet. So why do so many turn to online dating? For people in their 20s, the dating website has become an addition of their online character. Weaned on a diet of Facebook, Twitter and various other forms of community medium, accustomed to shopping, banking, chatting, sharing music and so on the net, they've slotted online dating into their normal lives effortlessly. Sitting comfortably next to the club, place of work or bar, it’s simply communal networking (where you nurture existing dealings as different to forming new ones) in reverse, and another way to seek a mate.
So what are they looking for? Characteristically, at this phase in their lives, twenty-some things want it all. They’re looking for looks, money, ambition, honesty and above all, someone who they can build a future with. In particular, a study carried out by Ne mums and Saga Magazine found that younger women are likely to be seduced by a high-flyer, with their perfect man typified by the wealthy ‘Mr Big’ character from the TV series Sex and the City.
Middle Age
Middle Age daters - in other words, people in their 30s and 40s, usually include of those who are in the market looking for a second- or third-time love, perhaps due to break up and usually as a single parent. With relationship breakdown on the increase, we’re now seeing a significant rise in the number of divorcees entering the dating scene. Similarly, with the rise in the number of children born outside of matrimony, the number of single parents searching for a new partner has increased accordingly.
According to a report from Love Geist, ‘being a single parent is no longer a taboo in the UK - the combination of falling marriage rates, the growth in the number of people choosing to cohabit rather than marry, and a variety of other socio-economic factors has meant that the number of single parents has grown substantially over recent years.’
Technology has played a huge role in allowing lone parents, and those who may be inexperienced in the ways of modern dating - due to coming out of the security of a long term relationship - to meet potential new partners. As social norms change and traditional relationships break down, online dating provides the perfectportal for those singles looking for new romance, whilst at the same time juggling everything that everyday life throws at them.
Silver Surfers
Online dating opens up a whole new arena for those people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to find love.
This couldn’t be more apparent than from mature dating sites, with the 50+ demographic proving to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the market. It’s easy to see why too, bearing in mind this segment of the market consists of around 78 million baby boomers, with 30 per cent of them being single. In a culture that caters predominantly to the young, online dating has offered those dating in their later years, an easily accessible means of meeting new partners. With technology being very much at the heart of modern society it’s now a case of‘if you can beat them, join them.’
Using cutting-edge technology to cultivate age-old emotions, this age-group of online daters are looking for more deep-rooted qualities such as reliability, friendship, and kindness. Unlike the twenty somethings who are aroused by ambition, the mature daters have been there and done that, so to speak, andare consequently looking for mutually accepting companionship with a Mr or Mrs Sensible type.
Love at all ages
There’s no doubting that when it comes to online dating one mould certainly doesn’t fit all. With this in mind, Independent Singles caters for different age groups, offering a singles site which caters for the younger and middle-of-the-road daters, and a Mature site catering for the silver surfers.
So whatever stage you’ve arrived at, live life to the full with Independent Singles.

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