Thursday, 8 December 2011

Clean Air in Scotland??

Clean air in Scotland?? As if you were in any doubt about this!  You associate Scotland with fresh air, beautiful countryside and friendly people.  However, if you are planning a trip to Scotland in 2006, it is quite possible that you will be affected by some new legislation.

The Scottish Parliament passed a law which will affect tourists to Scotland from 26th March 2006.  "Smoking will no longer be allowed in the majority of enclosed public places, including workplaces."

There are very few exemptions to the smoking ban which will affect most public premises, offices, factories and work vehicles.  According to the Scottish Executive, it is not enough to ventilate public areas and filter the air; there is a good body of evidence which shows that ventilating the rooms only takes away the smell of the smoke and makes the air appear cleaner.  The toxic carcinogens remain in the atmosphere and cause a public health hazard.

The new Law will be enforced by Environmental Health Officers - and there will be a fixed penalty fine of £50 for smoking in no-smoking premises.  The person in charge of an establishment who allows colleagues and visitors to smoke could be fined £200.

As a non-smoker, this delights me - particularly as I have watched aunts and uncles succumb to smoking-related diseases.

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