Sunday, 2 October 2011

Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Picture million dollar yachts, kayaks, electric boats and other watercrafts gliding through the Newport
Harbor - and you have the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.  The parade features dazzling holiday
lights that light up the bay, amazing the nearly one million visitors that crowd Newport Beach and Newport Harbor.

From December 18 - 22, there are more than 200 vessels participating in this holiday celebration.  Several
of these vessels will be decorated for the season, playing music and displaying Christmas decorations
and costumed carolers.  In the past, some yacht owners have spent as much as 50,000 dollars in
decorations for their yacht.

Over the course of 14 miles, the yachts and watercraft will amaze the spectators.  For more than 90 years,
the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has dazzled spectators and locals.  All along the beach, the parade provides views for restaurants, locals, private home owners, and even those on public beaches.

Along with the private boats, many charter companies offer the chance for parade goers to participate in
the parade and view the "Ring of Lights", a group of spectacular homes all around the harbor.  The "Ring of
Lights" is a popular addition to the parade, with prizes given for those who have the best decorations
on their homes.

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