Thursday, 17 November 2011

TEG Dehydration Design Basis and Design Guidelines

Contactor Operating Pres
Contactor Operating Temp
Gas Moisture Content Spec 0.05 lb w/MMSCF
-50°F hydrate at 2500 psia
Contactor Structured Packing
Contactor Struct Packing Wetting Rate 0.3 to 0.7 gpm/ft 2
Stripping Column Struct Packing
Reboiler Heat Flux Rate 6-8,000 BTU/Hr-Ft 2
Contactor Diameter Based on Fs=2.5
,whereFs= Vr½Contactor Packed Section 21.25 feet
Contactor Demister 16 inch Thk York Reid (Otto York )
Stripping Column Diameter 6”
Stripping Column Packed Section 8 Feet
Stripping Gas Rate 8 SCF/Gal
TEG Circulation Rate 3gal/lbw
Reboiler Operating Temperature 400°F
Reboiler Operating Pressure 1 psig
Reboiler Design Pressure >100 psig
Reboiler Design Temperature 450°F

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