Thursday, 15 December 2011

Discovering New Breakthrough in Travel !

Ever wondered how so many ordinary people like you and me are able to travel the world 3 times over? And these people live amongst us. Our relatives, close friends, peers, ex-schoolmates are just but to name a few.  Well, it’s now possible with the advancement of new technologies.

What I am about to share with you are real examples how people have made world travel highly affordable. Things that you can you personally do by yourself. And I am pretty sure you will not be able to sleep tonight once you realize how easy this magic formula works. It’s no rocket science. It’s something you can do today.

To travel you need to save enough of cash. Period.

But with the current inflation and rising energy costs, it is almost impossible for ordinary folks like us to even save a penny. What more a thousand dollars.

Fortunately, there is always a solution. The solution I am proposing would be one that will counter the rising energy costs - both for electricity and gas. Imagine if you can just slash your monthly electricity and gas bills by just 20%, in a year you would have saved several hundred of dollars. But how to save?

For electricity, start using energy efficient appliances. The ones with Energy Star logo printed on them. Due to production cost cutting, many electrical appliances were manufactured with substandard components. This will cause highly inefficient use of electricity. Inefficient use of electricity means WASTE.

Start using energy saving and fluorescent lights with one additional electricity saver device. Energy saving and fluorescent lights need ballasts to light up. Ballasts are highly non-efficient. Therefore, to maximize energy savings, each home must have an electricity saving device which can be easily bought online for less than $60. This device can also lower the energy consumption of air-conditioners, fans, refrigerators and all AV equipment.

As for gas, plan your trips well. For unplanned trips, you will oftentimes ended up traveling further than you should have. Carpool with friends is another great idea. So is taking public transportation. Gas companies produce different grades of gas. Premium grade gas is very expensive and do not usually provide you the equivalent of premium price you pay for. Stick with the Regulars.

Also, get yourself a magnetic gas saver. It has helped millions of people all over the world saving gas. Those who have tried will tell you this is a miracle device that you cannot live without. It gives you a fighting chance against the escalation of gas prices. This device usually is sold at less than $30 and is truly value for money.

Follow these simple steps and I know you’ll be able to see the world for free! See you in Bali next year!

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