Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Vertical Separators

Vertical separators, are usually selected when the gas-liquid ratio is high or total gas volumes are low. In the vertical separator, the fluids enter the vessel striking a diverting baffle which initiates primary separation. Liquid removed by the inlet baffle falls to the bottom of the vessel. The gas moves upward, usually passing through a mist extractor to remove suspended mist, and then the "dry" gas flows out. Liquid removed by the mist extractor is coalesced into larger droplets which then fall through the gas to the liquid reservoir in the bottom. The ability to handle liquid slugs is typically obtained by increasing height. Level control is not critical and liquid level can fluctuate several inches without affecting operating efficiency. Mist extractors can significantly reduce the required diameter of vertical separators. As an example of a vertical separator, consider a compressor suction scrubber. In this service the vertical separator: · Does not need significant liquid retention volume.

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