Friday, 9 December 2011

Copper Canyon Spring Break

Spring break has always been a welcome change for many, given the holiday mood it generates. The season has an uncanny ability to elevate ones spirit. Spring is a exciting vacation period to many. One can understand this pattern as spring brings an array of colors, activities and irresistible travel offers.

Amongst the clutter of options available, one destination that could make a vacation special is a Copper Canyon in Mexico. The Copper Canyon  is a network of six separate canyons, each spectacular on its own and offering a broad array of vacation activities.

Though the recommended period to visit is during the fall, one may not be able to get bookings easily during that period.  Since the Copper Canyon is at an elevation of 8,000 feet, extreme climates are common, but spring is a wonderful period with crisp cool air in the morning and adequate sunshine for daytime activities.

One must take into consideration that the Copper Canyon area experiences two distinct climates, separated into two zones. The alpine zone extends into the highlands, which has mild temperatures between April-October and rain showers in July-September. The area faces much colder weather between November-March, including snowfall.  There is also a sub-tropical climate in the canyons’ bottoms making it very hot and humid during May-July. Thus, if one decides to take a Copper Canyon Spring Break, the vacation promises to be just perfect, with fewer extremes in the weather. And the scenic landscape is spectacular during the spring

One activity that is exhilarating during spring break is the complete joy of a round trip train tour. Spring is a perfect time to allow for viewing all aspects of the canyon. Due to pleasant weather conditions during the spring break, a visitor may opt for horse riding, trekking or following a trail. This will allow the tourist to get a glimpse of the enormous and magnificent flora of the region. More adventurous hikers may have an opportunity to sight the semi-nomadic tribes who reside within the canyons.

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